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6月 17, 2007

Mark/Space Newsletter #55 – Missing Sync for Palm OS v6.0, Windows Mobile 6 Support in Alpha and more… ってのが来ていた。以下来た内容。現バージョン(3)を6月1日以降に購入した場合は無償で4にアップデートできる。それ以外のユーザーは$24.95で4にアップデートできる、ってことみたい。新規ユーザーは$39.95。SMSの送信記録とかも同期の対象になるみたいだけど,あんまり興味ないな。WM5と今のMS3で困っているわけではないんだよね。ま,でもたぶん試すけど。

In last month’s newsletter, we mentioned that we were working on support for devices running the new Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) operating system, and that we’d have more information available soon. Well, that time has come!
You can now download an alpha pre-release build of The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile version 4.0, which includes support for new and upgraded devices running WM6.

In addition to support for WM6 devices, when version 4.0 of The Missing
Sync for Windows Mobile ships in the third quarter, it will also include
several new features similar to those just released in version 6.0 of our
Palm OS edition, as outlined below.

– Support for new and upgraded devices running WM6
– Video importing to iPhoto or specified folders on the Mac
– Video encoding for mobile playback in Windows Media Player 10
– Device call logs and SMS messages are synced to the Mac
– New Mac Call Log and SMS Log apps sort, search, export and more
– Call Log and SMS Log apps integrate with Address Book

Version 4.0 will be priced at $39.95 for download, once its available.
Version 3.0 purchases made on or after June 1, 2007 will qualify for a free upgrade, otherwise upgrades and crossgrades from eligible Missing Sync products will cost only $24.95.

FOLUMにも出ていた。Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 6 Alpha

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