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Communicator Plugin for Mac Released

9月 26, 2007
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Communicator Plugin for Mac Released – Garmin Developer

  • Notes:
  • System Requirements:
    Intel-based or PowerPC G3 or later Mac
    OS 10.4 or later
    Firefox 2.0+ or Safari 2.0+

  • Change History
  • Changes made from version Beta to

    1. Added the capability to read and write courses, workouts and user profile to fitness devices such as the Edge 305 and Forerunner 305.
    2. Added the capability to plan trips by writing locations to SD cards without a GPS device present.
    3. Added the capability to allow a web site to read a directory of fitness activities or courses and then just retrieve details for individual activities.
    4. Added a property to allow web sites to retrieve fitness data in compressed format.
    5. Once a user has confirmed to the Garmin Communicator that they trust a particular web site directory, pages at or below that directory level are always trusted
    6. The Forerunner 50 is not yet supported on the Mac. (Support will be added in a future release when drivers become available.)
    7. RS232 serial devices are not supported on the Mac.

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