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4月 21, 2008
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$ java -jar wapfix.jar
WapFix Version 1.1
usage: java -jar wapfix.jar -jarfile -workdir [-options]
[Required arguments]
-jarfile <file>
JAR file to be fixed.
-workdir <dir>
working directory. It will be created if doesn't exist.
[Available options]
-wtkhome <dir>
Wireless Toolkit home directory. e.g. -wtkhome C:\WTK25-Beta2
-jadfile <file>
JAD file to be fixed if exists.
-useragent <str>
User-Agent string.
-wapprofile <str>
X-WAP-Profile string.
-imie <str>
Embed IMIE number in User-Agent.
It might NOT work correctly with the User-Agent
string given by -useragent option.
-705nk (default)
Setup User-Agent and X-WAP-Profile for Softbank 705NK
Setup User-Agent and X-WAP-Profile for Vodafone 702NK
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: Can not run without any arguments.
at wapfix.Main.main(


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