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downgrade the firmware of device

10月 16, 2009

結局のところ4.0ファームウェアでmicro SDを入れていると、電源を落とす時にBEEPが鳴り続けるという状態を改善することが出来ていません。
micro SDを入れなければ、正常にシャットダウンできています。
Garmin GPSmap 60CSX sw verson 3.90 – Groundspeak Forums

I also had to revert my 60CSx to 3.70.

After upgrading to 3.90 I had immediate problems with the uniting hanging during the power down beep when I pressed the power button. Resulting in a neverending beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. sound – had to remove the batteries to get round that.

Also the unit started just freezing up randomly whilst I was using it.

Did the update twice from webupdater from the mac, once from web updater on a pc, once as a manual update on a pc and did a couple of factory resets to make sure there wasn’t some stuffed config information.

Reverted to 3.70 and the unit works perfectly again.

そして3.90 update for 60CSx and 76CSx exercise caution – GPS Discussionにも、

I also have the infinite beep on powerdown since installing FW 3.90 on my GPSMap60Cx. I will attempt to backgrade to 3.70. Is there a mac version of the 3.70 installer? or I will need to do it with the windows installer via Parallels on my mac.



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