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Connect from Mac via TyTN as BT modem

From XDADeveloperWiki – Hermes_FAQs

Is it possible to tether my HTC TyTN to my Mac?

Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up Networking Profile) is possible, while there is no known solution for USB tethering yet. To set up Bluetooth DUN:

1) first run the program “Wireless Modem” on your TyTN and select Bluetooth from the drop down. Then go to “Menu” and select “Start”.

WM6の場合、Wireless Modemというアプリが無くなり、その代わりにProgram>Internet sharingを選びます。PC connectionでBluetooth PANを選択, Network connectionでInternetを選択(これはあくまで私がタイでAISを使う場合)

2) Now go to Bluetooth Setup Assistant on your Mac and pair the TyTN with your computer. Make sure to select your device for use to connect to the internet. You will now be asked to fill in settings. For the modem script, download the following script: and place it in your Macintosh HD/Library/Modem Scripts folder. Now select HTC TyTN from the drop down list and fill in the rest of the details depending on your carrier.

3)Now you are ready to connect. Run “Internet Connect”, select Bluetooth, and click “Connect”. Everything should be working. The next time you want to connect, just run make sure to run the “Wireless Modem” application on the TyTN before connecting to your Mac.

ここでも”Internet sharing”を使うことになります。Today画面にDeviceStatusを使ってアイコンを置いておくのが良いかも。

Note: It has been reported that you might not need to run the “Wireless Modem” application for this to work. This might vary per device, but if all else fails, delete pairings from both device and computer, soft reset device, and try the above settings again.

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  1. mtcocktail permalink
    7月 7, 2007 8:03 pm

    doesn’t work for me .. :(

  2. mtcocktail permalink
    7月 7, 2007 8:15 pm

    I’m find, yessss ! If your doesn’t work try to put *99# in the phone number on your mac os preference :)

  3. 7月 7, 2007 10:16 pm

    thx 4 comment.
    take care because the number such as *99 or *99# are differs by the phone career or provider.


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